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South America

South American Business Continuity and Technology Hardware Rental Solutions

Why do I Need a Quick Ship Hardware Recovery or Temporary Technology Rental Provider For My South American Business?

No matter where your company is located, the frequency and severity of weather-related events seem to be on the rise every year leaving businesses exposed to risk. For example, South America can be affected by an array of weather conditions each year including droughts in the southeast and severe frost in the south. Although these weather conditions may seem minor in comparison, they can cause business disruptions if unprepared.

Remember, it does not take a major catastrophe to take down a business. Business disruptions can occur with even minor events like power outages, broken water pipes, or loss of computer data systems.

Business Continuity Services Offered for South American Locations

Companies that are proactive and not reactive when it comes to disaster are usually the first to get back to business and often at the expense of their competitors. A business continuity plan can maximize your company’s chance of a successful recovery. By detailing how to get back to business as quickly as possible, you avoid stressful and hasty decisions at the time of the disaster.

All of our business continuity services are offered in South America including:

South American Countries We Service

With 30 strategically placed technology hardware depots, and over 3,000 alternate workspace locations globally – we are able to provide our solutions in every city around the world.

French Guiana

Below are some of the major North American cities we service, however, our reach expands far beyond this list to all locations:

Buenos Aires
Rio de Janeiro

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Questions about business continuity services or temporary technology hardware rental? Wondering where to begin when it comes to continuity of operations? Please contact a member of our Pronto Recovery & Rentals team with any specific questions and they will get back to you soon!

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