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Business Continuity Planning

No matter what industry you are in or the size of your organization, backup recovery hardware and a flexible plan for alternate workspace is necessary to ensure operational resiliency.

Why Should I use Pronto Recovery for Backup Hardware or Alternate Workspace instead of Managing In-House?

  • Global Provider
  • Recovery within 24 hours or less
  • Flexible recovery locations allow you to choose from a large network of alternate workspace locations based on your needs at the time of the event
  • Guaranteed Space
  • Cost effective recovery solution
  • Wealth of experience handling recoveries for large multi-national companies, as well as, small local offices

Interested in business continuity services for your specific industry?

Check out our solutions below or contact a member of our expert staff.

Contact Pronto for:

  • Specific Workstation Configurations (i.e. Laptops, Monitors, Higher or Custom Computer Specs, etc.)
  • Flexible and Guaranteed Recovery Seats at 3,000 locations in 120 Countries
  • Global Work Area Recovery, so your mission-critical staff are able to continue day-to-day operations with ease
  • Custom Options Specific to Your Unique Needs and More

Interested in learning more about our business continuity services? Contact a member of our Pronto Recovery team today!

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    Keep staff safe and continue operations during the coronavirus disaster with our quickship hardware and FLEX Recovery which provides work from home technology.