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Work From Home Flexibility

Remote Work Solutions

Every company needs to be prepared as disasters can strike at any time, leaving a community or entire region devastated and your staff unable to work. The ability to establish capability for your staff to work from an alternate location. Sometimes the best and safest option for staff to work from home.

Work From Home Overview

Pronto’s Technology Quickship Solutions can provide companies the opportunity to have employees work from home or set up a local, secure operation center within any community or city affected by a crisis. This flexibility ensures your employees can be up and operational quickly, providing for not only recovery of critical staff but also non-critical staff  at a fast pace in a way that suits your business.

Some of the relevant Pronto Services include:

  • Quickship Computing
  • Quickship Peripherals
  • Portable Power Stations
  • Mobile 5G Networking

By offering such accessibility and dependability in times of crisis, you are able to show the commitment you have towards the well-being of your employees and your clients.

Every disaster has unique recovery needs. Pronto’s solution’s are specifically designed technology, networking and services configured to meet your employees’ requirements. Additionally, our networking solutions are independent of any terrestrial networking services and are completely self-contained. All solutions offered by Pronto are fully testable, offering your team proven performance.

Questions to Consider

  • How important is it for you to reestablish work environments for your staff?
  • Will you be there to respond to client’s needs?
  • Will your staff coordinate efforts to recover the business knowing they can recover locally either at home or an alternate location?

Give your staff the tools to continue working even if your doors are closed due to an emergency. Our FLEX Recovery remote work packages provide laptop technology, LTE networking, Office 365, and alternative email and networking for emergency situations. Contact us today to see how Pronto can protect your organization.

Interested in learning more about our FLEX Recovery? Contact a member of our Pronto Recovery team today!

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