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What We Do

Global Business Continuity Solution Provider

Pronto Recovery is a global business continuity solutions and technology hardware provider. We offer business continuity solutions when disaster strikes. Unlike most industry providers with only a few centralized depots, we’ve strategically placed our depots with equipment around the globe enabling us to deliver hardware to your alternate site or specified location same or next day.

Benefits of Using a Business Continuity Provider for Hardware Recovery

Sourcing, buying, maintaining, and storing your own equipment is expensive and time consuming. By making Pronto Recovery a part of your backup recovery plan you can save your company time and money. Now instead of relying on your company’s IT department to single handedly send out computer equipment and hardware to employees after an unfortunate disaster you can work with Pronto to reach your Recovery Time Objective much more quickly. The less down time your company has, the sooner your team can return to work.

Some of our services include:

How We Provide Complete Workplace Recovery Around The Globe

We have strategically placed depots around the world so we’re able to provide fast delivery of our technology hardware in all markets. We also have technical engineers around the world that support our workplace recovery, technology Quickship hardware, and FLEX recovery clients.

We partner with and provide workplace recovery IT services to the industry’s global leader in alternate workspace locations. Through this partnership and our network of resources we can provide a flexible, guaranteed, recovery solution at 3,000 locations in over 120 countries.

Pronto Recovery works with companies in all industries in every country. Whether a Fortune 500 company or an SMB, Pronto Recovery offers to solutions globally including all of:

Whether you need quickship recovery hardware, alternative workspaces, or work from home solutions we provide you with flexible and cost effective recovery options that fit your organization’s needs. Protect your company from disaster with Pronto’s business continuity solutions.

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