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Quickship Medical

Let Us Be Your Strategic Reserves for Medical Equipment and Supplies

Pronto Recovery’s cost effective and efficient medical equipment solutions allow our clients to have strategic reserves and a trusted logistics and delivery partner that is needed during a disaster or pandemic. Whether it’s a natural large-scale disaster that affects an entire area, terrorism or acts of war, a local disaster that effects your campus, or an epidemic or pandemic, we have you covered. Our medical equipment depots are strategically placed around the globe, so we can deliver the necessary equipment to our clients.

Our quickship service provides a cost-effective backup plan for medical equipment that will help your hospital or facility to respond quickly to changing demands. Pay a small annual fee to have the equipment and supplies you need in the event of an emergency so you don’t have to overstock your own equipment and supplies or fight in the marketplace to find equipment and supplies when they are scarce. At Pronto Medical we know how to prepare, and that means keeping equipment and supplies ready for our clients and having the emergency logistics in place to deliver quickly.

Depot Services

With our depot services, you can greatly decrease the time and money spent on building and maintaining your required stockpile. Pronto depots function as equipment hubs for the greater surrounding area, allowing same or next business day delivery when invoked. Set the parameters for your plan and we take care of everything else, giving you peace of mind and saving you money.

Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturing

In today’s healthcare environment, it’s more important than ever for clinicians to be equipped with the proper protective equipment to help reduce the spread of disease. Get the PPE that you need to be prepared for the future with help from Pronto. Our manufacturers can customize comprehensive PPE solutions to meet any operational need, and our PPE always meets or exceeds industry safety standards and best practices. Pronto PPE gives clinicians the confidence and comfort they need to deliver the best possible patient care.

Quickship PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
AAMI Level 2 Isolation GownsSurgical Gowns
AAMI Level 3 Isolation GownsDisposable Scrubs
AAMI Level 4 Isolation GownsLab Coats
CoverallsLab Jackets
Nitrile GlovesASTM D6978 Chemo Gloves
Bouffant CapsShoe Covers

Learn more about Pronto Medical Quickship

Please contact us if you have a need for any other equipment not listed here and we will discuss how we can accommodate your need.

Delivered Same or Next Day

Fast global delivery to ensure you can expand as quickly as you need to!

Global Equipment at Accessible Prices

For a fraction of the cost it would take to buy, maintain, and store your own equipment and supplies, your organization can utilize our Quickship Service and have the necessary backup equipment and supplies available whenever and wherever they need it. Our Quickship service works by subscribing to a small fee for a big delivery when you need it.

Pronto gives your organization the coverage you need to be ready for anything that can happen. Reach out today to learn more. Ask us about our technology quickship services as well – the business that Pronto was built on!

Interested in learning more about our global quickship medical or our quickship technology hardware? Contact a member of our Pronto Recovery team today!

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