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Pronto’s COVID Recovery Efforts

Pronto’s COVID Recovery Efforts

Pronto Recovery has been working diligently with our clients and partners throughout the past several weeks to provide the necessary technology hardware and equipment that will allow organizations to continue operations and adjust to a new way of working for an extended and unknown period of time.

As the Coronavirus pandemic started to progress, we closely monitored the situation globally and mobilized our inventory in order to avoid any issues with shipment and delivery as locations around the world went into lockdown. With our strategically placed depots and the way we structure our agreements (without oversubscribing in any given market) we were able to meet the needs of all existing clients. We were also able to accommodate new requests even as many hardware companies around the globe faced scarcities and ran out of inventory due to the overwhelming demand.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty and circumstances that evolved during this event, we had clients that were not initially planning to implement work from home strategies or utilize our equipment for remote working that were forced to adjust their continuity plans and we were able to help them effectively provide their staff with the resources to safely continue working. In addition to our standard quickship hardware recovery service, we helped many clients utilize our FLEX Recovery service which quickly provides equipment directly to the end users in order to ensure that the staff were able to receive our equipment without having to go into an office or central pickup point. These pivots allowed our clients to better protect staff while continuing business operations.

Our strategic planning and innovative approach to IT Recovery has allowed us the ability to remain resilient through a global event of this size. We are grateful for the opportunity to support our clients and partners throughout their recovery efforts from COVID-19 and we look forward to continuing to provide recovery solutions that will help organizations be better equipped to handle this type of event in the future.

Contact us today to see how Pronto can protect your organization from COVID-19 and other threats.

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