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Partnership Changes Everything

Bring value to your customers

Pronto recognizes the value channel partners provide to our joint customers, and we’re committed to working alongside them. We want to enable their success as they transition their business, expand their continuity program, and capture more opportunities.

One way to do that is thru the Pronto Partner Program. Whether your company is an MSP, VAR, BCP consulting firm, or DR/BCP provider, our Partner Program enables you to offer Technology Quickship, Global Workspace Recovery, FLEX Recovery (remote work solutions) and rentals to your customers while helping you build a recurring revenue stream.

Partners gain access to high-margin financial benefits and a wide range of sales and marketing tools to help meet business goals. Grow your revenue and customers’ satisfaction by adding Pronto to your offerings.

Interested in a strategic partnership or referral agreement? Please fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you soon!

We proudly support various groups and organizations in the Business Continuity Industry.

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