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Medical Equipment

Expand Your Bed Count Overnight

Medical Equipment Anytime and Anywhere

Pronto Recovery’s cost effective and efficient medical equipment solutions allow our clients to quickly expand their bed count so they can provide their communities with the medical treatment that is needed during a disaster or epidemic. Whether it’s a natural large-scale disaster that affects an entire area, terrorism or acts of war, a local disaster that effects your campus, or an epidemic or pandemic, we have you covered. Our depots are strategically placed around the globe, so we can deliver the necessary equipment to our clients.

Medical EquipmentPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Respiratory Ventilators• N95 Masks
• X-Ray Machines• Disposable Gowns, Bouffant Caps, Shoe Covers, Medical Gloves
• Patient Monitors• Face Shields and Eye Shields/Goggles
• Defibrillators • 3PLY Surgical Face Masks
• CT Scanners• 3-10 oz Hand Sanitizers
• Hospital Beds• HazMat Suits

Our quickship service provides an easily implemented backup plan for medical equipment that will help your facility keep up with demand surges. For a fraction of the cost it would take to buy, maintain, and store your own equipment, your organization can utilize our quickship service and have the necessary stockpile of supplies available whenever and wherever they need it. At Pronto we know how to prepare, and that means keeping equipment ready for our clients and having the emergency logistics in place to deliver quickly.

Pronto Quickship Benefits

  • Delivered same or next day
  • Accessible pricing
  • Never worry about supplies expiring
  • We handle all warehousing and distribution
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Store your overflow or stockpile for emergencies
  • A la carte ordering, get exactly what you need!

Product Offerings

Medical Equipment Storage

Your equipment safely stored and delivered on demand same or next business day. Simply send us your pallet(s) and we will securely store it for you. Call us when you need it and our team will jump in to action to deliver. The easiest way to stockpile your equipment without the stress of storing overflow.

Insurance and one year term required. Low monthly pricing!

Medical Equipment Rent & Storage

Set your mind at ease with our all inclusive plan. Never worry again about sourcing, insurance, shipping, inventory levels, or expirations! Pronto procures and stores equipment that is reserved for you, just call us when you need a delivery. Always have access to the gear that you need, no matter what happens.

We replace equipment that expires during your term, so your stockpile is always ready to go.

Pronto Medical ensures a protected supply chain and the necessary logistics for delivery no matter what. We help you plan for emergencies so that your business is resilient and your workers are protected. We also offer business continuity solutions and technology quickship, the business that Pronto was built on.

Global Quickship Recovery Hardware

Our global quickship technology recovery gives businesses the tools needed to continue operations with ease when facing any disaster. For a fraction of the cost it would take to buy, maintain, and store your own equipment, your organization can utilize our Quickship Service and have the necessary backup computing hardware available for all of your mission-critical staff whenever and wherever they need it. We work with you to determine the best solution to meet your specific recovery goals and budget. Minimize downtime and potential loss of revenue with Pronto’s cost effective and efficient business continuity solutions. Contact us to learn more!

Our Medical Depots

Interested in learning more about our quickship personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions? Contact a member of our Pronto Recovery team today!

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