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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for the Healthcare Industry

Why You Should Have A Healthcare Business Continuity Solution for Your Business

As a healthcare company, your patients and their health is your number one priority, which is why it is so important to be able to continue daily operations and services like health history, insurance, and even financials.

Just like the finance and banking industries, rules and regulations within the healthcare industry are constantly evolving. In order to meet industry standards and keep up with changing technological trends, the healthcare industry has fallen victim to cyber attacks. As people’s health, and lives, can ultimately depend on their healthcare provider, it is pertinent more than ever to have an official business continuity plan in place. Pronto Recovery’ office locations include secure internet connections minimizing the risk of any hacks or cyber attacks.

What Benefits Do A Business Continuity Solution Provide My Healthcare Company

The Department of Health and Human Services also mandates organizations have a “comprehensive testing and monitoring strategy in place to prevent and manage electronic health records during downtime events.” As part of HIPAA’s Security Rule, “technology and protocols must be available to back up data and be able to rapidly restore data while continuing to operate in emergency mode during or after a critical event.” Failure to comply can result in government fines of up to $50,000 for each violation. Pronto Recovery can offer monitors, laptops, and all necessary hardware for your company to successfully resume operations.

How to Find the Healthcare Business Continuity Solution Right For Your Business

A loss of data or corruption of sensitive information can be extremely costly, especially if recovery efforts take days or weeks. Downtime not only disrupts the overall organization, but the company’s employees, staff, and patients. If all of this sounds confusing and overwhelming, do not worry. With the right business continuity plan in place, healthcare companies can cut their downtime or even eliminate it entirely.

Some of our most popular healthcare continuity solutions and services include, but are not limited to the following:

Increase Your Resiliency with Pronto Medical

Pronto Recovery’s cost effective and efficient medical equipment solutions allow our clients to quickly expand their bed count so they can provide their communities with the medical treatment that is needed during a disaster or epidemic. Whether it’s a natural large-scale disaster that affects an entire area, terrorism or acts of war, a local disaster that effects your campus, or an epidemic or pandemic, we have you covered. Our depots are strategically placed around the globe, so we can deliver the necessary equipment to our clients.

Our quickship service provides an easily implemented backup plan for medical equipment that will help your facility keep up with demand surges. For a fraction of the cost it would take to buy, maintain, and store your own equipment, your organization can utilize our quickship service and have the necessary stockpile of supplies available whenever and wherever they need it. At Pronto we know how to prepare, and that means keeping equipment ready for our clients and having the emergency logistics in place to deliver quickly.

Learn more about Pronto Medical

Interested in learning more about our business continuity services for the healthcare industry? Contact a member of our Pronto Recovery team today!

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