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Finance and Banking

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for the Finance Industry

Why You Should Have A Business Continuity Solution for Your Finance Business

The Finance and Banking Industries are required to comply with several rules and regulations for business continuity, which are constantly changing.

Wondering why your company should use a third-party for backup computing hardware and alternate workspace in your company’s business continuity plan? Whether preparing for incidents like cyber attacks, IT failure, data breaches, or other threats, Pronto Recovery can ensure that your business has an effective continuity plan for backup hardware and alternate workspace so your mission-critical staff can continue operations in the event of a disaster.

Financial Institutions should not only have a business continuity Plan, but are required to test their plan regularly. Rule 4370 states all firms must notify all involved parties of alternative communication methods should an event occur and provide proof of prompt access to funds and securities for clients. The firm’s business continuity plan should also note an alternate physical work location in case of business disruption. Additionally, Rule 4380 states all business continuity plans should be tested at least once a year. Pronto Recovery can help by providing your organization guaranteed recovery seats, equipment services, annual testing, and more without incurring the high costs involved with managing all of this in-house.

Natural disasters, large data leaks, and security breaches can be life altering for individuals and communities, but also financial institutions like banks, investment firms, and other banking services. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) works with state and federal banking agencies and organizations to determine the status of banks affected by these types of events, which is where Pronto can help.

Why Our Workplace and Hardware Recovery Solutions are a Good Fit for Your Business Continuity Plan

When disaster strikes, you will want to regain access to critical data as quickly as possible. By incorporating a business continuity plan or service with Pronto Recovery, you will be positioning your business for success even after a catastrophic event. By having less downtime, your company is able to continue business as usual while instilling confidence amongst your clients, customers, and local community.

What Benefits Do A Business Continuity Solution Provide My Finance Company

Pronto Recovery provides an exceptionally fast and effective solution for backup computing hardware and alternate workspace that will ensure you meet your RTO for business continuity.

Pronto Recovery’s services for the financial industry include, but are not limited to the following business continuity solutions:

Continue day-to-day operations with ease when you have a business continuity solution from Pronto.

Interested in learning more about our business continuity services for the Finance industry? Contact a member of our Pronto Recovery team today!

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