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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Business Continuity Case Study: Brazil

A large multinational company with a contract for several countries around the world contacted us to invoke their agreement due to an emergency situation. On Monday morning in Brazil we received emergency notice from the client that their office in Sao Paulo had an electrical failure and they would require their 50 contracted laptops as they were moving to a different space.

The laptops were prepped with the client software and packaged, ready to go within two hours of the notification. The address was confirmed, and the laptops were on their way to the client. Shortly before they arrived, we were informed that the client wanted to change the address as the location they were moving to was not fit for purpose. With the laptops almost on site we held the delivery for an hour until the client confirmed the new location. Thirty minutes later, and only four and a half hours after the original notification was received, the client was up and running with all 50 laptops working as normal.

Due to our strategically placed depots and resilient operations, we were able to avoid delays or other obstacles that could have slowed down the recovery time and deliver our equipment the same day the request came in. Although there was no further support required, our technical engineer was available onsite and ready to answer any questions for the client in case they needed additional assistance.

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