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Los Angeles, USA

Business Continuity Case Study: USA

At Midday on a Thursday we were notified by a client in Los Angeles, USA, that they were having trouble with their computer system and were potentially going to need to invoke their contract with us. We began preparation work for the 20 laptops they had on contract, including preparing them with the brand new image we had received from the client only two days prior. We kept in communication with the client to receive updates on how things were progressing and whether they would need our assistance.

At 2pm the client confirmed they would require the laptops as they had identified a computer virus that was attacking their network and had rendered their computers unusable. We immediately confirmed the address with the client and shipped the laptops out for morning delivery.

The following morning by 10am the client had received all 20 laptops and were able to continue working. They were particularly grateful that we had placed the new image on for them and had not had to use the older image due to the emergency speed required for the invocation.

Due to our logistical planning, experience and system maintenance we were able to get these laptops prepped with the brand new image for this clients invocation and shipped to them ready to use within 20 hours of the official declaration.

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