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Hurricane Harvey

Impact of Hurricane Harvey

In August 2017, the United States was hit by not one, but two category 4 Atlantic storms within two weeks. Although Hurricane Irma was the bigger storm, Hurricane Harvey’s impact and damage will be felt for years to come.

The city of Houston received almost 53 inches of rain, breaking a record for the continental United States. Harvey left tens of thousands of people homeless. Personal belongings were soaked, soggy, and waterlogged, while businesses were washed away. The damage estimated to be upwards of $180 billion, making it one of the costliest disasters in US history.

For businesses, it was crucial to get back on track as fast as possible to avoid loss of revenue and potential shutdown. However, many businesses, specifically small businesses, struggled to get back on their feet due to loss of technology and infrastructure which prevented them from carrying on business as usual.

Pronto Recovery, along with our partners at Regus, was happy to be part of the solution to help keep #TexasStrong. Despite having to close some of our Houston workplace locations due to flooding, we were able to help 32 different firms resume critical business operations.

With our help, 1,136 people from these 32 companies were able to work from one of the other 100+ unaffected alternate workplace locations in the local area. Our rental laptops and other office equipment were able to help mitigate the damage done to these businesses by Hurricane Harvey and we are proud to say we helped keep Texas strong!

Interested in learning more about our business continuity solutions? Contact a member of our Pronto team today!

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