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Berlin, Germany

Business Continuity Case Study: Germany

At 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon we received an invocation notice from a client in Berlin, Germany, that there had been water damage to their office, and they would require 30 laptops to be sent to their relocation address. Our technicians began working immediately to get the clients image deployed to the 30 laptops and get them packed and ready to be delivered. Before the end of the day the laptops were with a courier and on their way to the client for early the next day.

Our delivery coordinators monitored the progress of the shipment and discovered that night that there had been an issue with the courier company’s sorting system and the laptops might not be delivered until a day later than planned. Our technicians were instantly alerted and began prepping another 30 laptops, outside of standard working hours, to serve as a backup to the original 30. Once ready we had two technicians board a flight from our depot to Berlin early in the morning to ensure the laptops were ready for the client at the start of the working day.

The client was up and running with their image on our laptops by 10am on Wednesday morning, the courier issue had resolved itself, but we cancelled the delivery as we had now already deployed. An hour after the deployment the client contacted us saying they did not factor in the need for network equipment and could only get wired internet access to two users at a time. We agreed a price, as this was not in their contract, and a technician was dispatched with the equipment needed to resolve the issue. Later that afternoon the client had all the laptops up and running and with wired internet connection in each after our technician had setup the network for them.

Due to our strategically placed depot location and contingency plans for all scenarios we were able to deploy to this client ahead of schedule even after encountering some logistical issue. We were also able to provide additional assistance to the client that they had not realized they would need when originally taking out the contract.

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