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Case Studies

Business Continuity Success Stories

Pronto Recovery is a global business continuity solutions and technology hardware provider. We offer business continuity solutions when disaster strikes. Unlike most industry providers with only a few centralized depots, we’ve strategically placed our depots with equipment around the globe enabling us to deliver hardware to your alternate site or specified location within 24 hours or less.

Quickship in North America: Los Angeles, USA

Quickship in South America: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Quickship in Europe: Berlin, Germany

Workplace Recovery
During Hurricane Harvey

Business Continuity Solutions
During Hurricane Sandy

Whether you need quickship computing hardware for recovery, temporary rental equipment, or alternate workspace locations for business continuity, we provide you with flexible and cost effective recovery options that works best for your company’s needs, so you can keep your business up and running in order to minimize downtime and potential loss of revenue.

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