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Comprehensive Testing Services

An Untested Plan is Just an Idea

There is no more important process in your recovery program than testing. Why you say? Well testing is the crux to creating and preserving a viable recovery plan.

Testing Services Overview

Testing at Pronto Recovery starts with our Operations team who will work with you to understand your objectives for the test, logistics, and hardware and software configuration requirements. The team works with you thru the test process from delivery, to support during the test, and upon conclusion with pickup scheduled to meet your needs. A post-test review ensures you met your objectives and no issues arose during the test.

Testing Services Objectives

  • Ensure staff is comfortable with the recovery process
  • Validate the documented steps
  • Identify vital components and their availability

Our goal is to ensure you have a smooth test that confirms the viability of your plan. Should your test reveal any areas of improvement we can work with you to make adjustments.

Prior to the test, Pronto will:

  • Assign a support technician to work with you through the test
  • Provide you an outline of the testing process to identify the required components and proposed timeline.
  • Confirm delivery logistics

During the test, Pronto will:

  • Proactively check your progress and provide assistance if necessary
  • Have technical staff available to answer any questions and help resolve any issues you might encounter during the test

After the test, Pronto will:

  • Resolve any open issues and identify any future challenges
  • Review the outcome of the test with you and discuss feedback and observations in a test review

Interested in learning more about our testing services? Contact a member of our Pronto Recovery team today!

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