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Software Imaging Services

Custom Imaging for Quick Recovery

Pronto Recovery’s imaging services allow your organization to quickly and seamlessly recover in the event of a disaster.

Pronto’s imaging services allows customers the ability to create their own specific image that can be deployed prior to a test or disaster event. This service is completely hardware independent; an image can be deployed to any make or model desktop or laptop that is compatible with the Windows Operating system of the image. This service will assist in a quick recovery.

Imaging Options

There are three plans available for imaging:

  • The Client provides a list of software for Pronto to install and since Pronto has most software available we will usually be able to create the image for you. This tends to be a quick and easy imaging solution with minimal cost on the initial setup.
  • The Client provides an image created on Acronis Snap Deploy or other imaging tool (other tools may vary in compatibility) that they upload for Pronto, and Pronto will download and configure it to work on all our machines (client must have volume licensed windows)
  • Pronto will send a laptop to the client who installs the software and settings they require. The laptop is then shipped back to Pronto and we take the image from that machine to load all devices.

How it Works:

  • PCs are shipped pre-imaged and software installed.
  • In the event of disaster, the laptop(s) shipped to your designated location will have your image/build already installed, speeding up your recovery process.
  • The image can be updated from time to time during your contract term, by the same above process.

Usage Charges:

  • $2 / month per laptop\desktop
  • $25 / month per additional image
  • $25 / month per additional refresh per image
  • $100 / month minimum

Interested in learning more about our imaging services? Contact a member of our Pronto Recovery team today!

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